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October 22, 2010

Off again. We are on our way to Holland in early November and looking forward to a great trip. I have great reports of many of our horses... don't worry, I will be much better at updates. A little time off has been lovely and now back to work. Can't wait!


December 21st, 2009

Thank you Petra for allowing us to use your horse... Isn't he lovely!


Petra calls this her new black "pony", but trust me, this is no pony! He is one beautiful strapping young dressage horse - quite impressive shall we say?

November 20th, 2009

It has been busy around here! Congratulations to Petra Hilleberg on the purchase of a 3 yr old black Hannoverian gelding by Ehrentus. This is a gorgeous and fancy young gelding and Petra is very excited! He will be in Seattle in a few weeks! Petra is a skilled and accomplished dressage rider and we can't wait to watch them together...

Congratulations to Patrice Doyle in CA on the purchase of "Extramon" a weanling colt by "Apache" (Krack C) This colt has a fantastic hind leg and an obvious "presence" that looks to be a great future dressage mount for Patrice. Patrice will be keeping "Extramon" in Holland for a while before he comes to the US. We are expecting "serious" things from these two when they start training a few years from now!

Last (and definately not least! ) congratulations to Dixie Montgomery on the purchase of "Earl of Jazz" a weanling colt by, well yes, Jazz himself and out of a Contango mare who, well incidentally (!) is the dam of "Wester" her current top winning Dutch gelding. Little Earl is quite something and he will be home soon to share the stables with his big brother.


September 24th, 2009

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Glosten on the purchase of "Donner Girl" (Don Gregory x Sunny Boy) in July of 2009!


August 14th, 2009

A huge congratulations to Beth Glosten on the purchase of "Donner Girl" (Don Gregory x Sunny Boy). "DG" is truly a beauty, but of course, more importantly she is a talented, smart girl with lovely gaits. She and Beth hit it off in Holland for sure. I hope to have a photo of her soon as she is so, so pretty. Beth knows what she's doing and she can take her all the way. We are thrilled for you Beth.

Also, again I heard from Joan and "Telstar". He is already showing PSG with Joan herself aboard. They are qualified for the CDS championships score. She won last weekend with a 62.6%. According to Joan, she and Telstar are suited for each other and they work very well together as a team. Well obviously they do! She loves him and it's so good to hear, but no surprise. We loved him too!

More news soon, and I will be traveling again to Holland early October, so if you are looking for something, let me or Roxanne know...


June 12th, 2009

Home from a great trip to Holland. It really is a good time to buy - the down side being that the exchange rate is still not great, the up side, however, being that that the horses are priced differently and they are more plentiful. This trip I was surprised to find several very nice, fancy, sound and sane amateur horses. And of course a few very fancy 3-5 yr. olds. I will put some of them up on the site shortly.

I also had a chance to stop by the Dutch Championships. I got to see the big boys (and girls!) warming up which was really a treat. Here are some photos of some of the highlights for you. More details coming.

Here is the breeding stallion "Roman Nature" who was the young riders champion… his victory lap as you can see.

Roman Nature Roman Nature Edward Gal on Sisther De Jeu Former 5 yr old World Champion Uzzo (by Lancet)

… and as always, my favorite puppy from this trip… he enjoyed watching the Dutch Championships too and being the terrier that he is, of course, got into a little trouble.



May 21st, 2009

June 4 - 9 are our next dates for a horse shopping trip to Holland, so check our web site and see what happens.

For some reason (how could I?), I forgot to mention that Philesha Chandler and her "Ricardo" (whom she bought from Northwest Dressage almost 2 years ago) are doing great on the Florida circuit. To be specific, Philesha and Ricardo scored 70.2% and won the entire FEI of choice class at the Wellington Classic. There were 21 horses entered. She was thrilled, to say the least.

As many of you know, Philesha worked for Robert Dover as his assistant. She is now working with Arlene "Tuny" Page. She is a fabulous rider and she and Ricardo have made quite the pair. Good Job Philesha and Ricardo.

If you look at you will see Philesha and Ricardo (when he was still in WA) at the top of the page.


April 10th, 2009

Northwest Dressage Horses continue their winning ways all over the US. "Winsome" is getting high scores every time he shows in CA and still dropping jaws every time he trots by I hear. Valentino in CA is doing great and winning, "Flaming Heart" is again in Germany training with Ernst Hoyos. She is getting ready for PSG and schooling piaffe while she is staying in her home country for a vacation. She will be home again soon. "Wester" is gearing up for another big season here in WA state - he was a star at the Conrad Schumacher symposium. Mar'so in CA is getting ready to show fourth level this season. Let me hear from you all. I love to keep up with them.

We will be heading to Holland again in May, so come along if you wish or let us know what you are looking for and we can bring tapes home for you! We love to take clients with us and it makes it much easier for you.

Have a very Happy Easter from all of us at Northwest Dressage.


March 12th, 2009

More Horse News coming soon, but you know we love the dogs proudly presenting my new AKC Champion Spinone Italiano. She is 15 months old.


February 22nd, 2009

I have news again of "Winsome" getting a 78% in his 6 yr. old test in CA - way to go Winsome.

Also, here are some new photos of London schooling - he's doing great and is almost 5 now. London is talented enough for a professional and he's suitable also for amateurs who have had young horses. He loves to work and is super talented.


Cheese stand

January 26th, 2009

I am back from Holland and here a few photos with the usual "Dutch" flavor as well as my favorite dog photo from the this trip (Mickey). Please take a look at the Horses For Sale in Seattle Page. You will see four new 2.5 yr olds that are still in Holland at the moment. They are very nice ones as you can see on the video clips. Sorry about the mudd and no braids (or even brushing.....), but it was certainly at the farmers and it was the best we could do that day. The quality of the horses, nevertheless, shines through. Prices are from Euro 15,000 to Euro 30,000 not including import.


Stadmunster Cheese stand

January 6th, 2009

I forgot Ramsgate. Merely winning big in CA at PSG. Here he is schooling piaffe. Niki Zamora rides and trains with David Wightman and Kathleen Rain. Sharolyn Naftel, his owner, sent this to me. She bought Ramsgate from us several years ago. He is doing so well. Thank you Sharolyn. He just looks great.


January 5th, 2009

For Heaven's sake, I forgot "Zinnia" (aka Zlarda) - only was she the number 1 Dutch mare in the country. And now her half sister "Dream Girl" is coming along right behind her in CA...


January 2nd, 2009

Okay, I am getting a little heat from the owners of some of the horses I left out - and rightly so!

Let me try again. Weltenschung (Welty) (winning in NY!), Passadena (winning at 4th level in CO), Mar'so, winning in CA, Parel, one of the very early horses we sold, doing great and very much loved by his owner in WA state, and I just heard from Lynne Kimball Davis who owns "Upperclass" (aka Duke) and he is ready for PSG in Florida this year. She wrote to tell me how fabulous he is and that he luckily recovered from a nasty virus that has put him back a bit, but she is thrilled that he will be fine. We sold him a long time ago as a baby yr old and he's just doing great. I have heard from "Unbelievable" and his owner and he is doing great and ready for a big season this year in Florida....Del Arte in Co has been doing a super job and getting top scores for his new owner, Prima Donna is going strong and taking great care of her owner in CO, .....who am I forgetting this time....write me!

Also, I am off to Holland for a very short trip in the next two weeks - let me know if you want me to look for something specific!


January 1st, 2009

And check this one out - definitely a horse of a different color ...

This is Isabella. She is a coming 3 yr old Andalusian filly that is all about dressage. Isabella has a fantastic walk and a very good canter that does not show on this clip, but I will get more. She has all three gaits, not just one and that great, great quick hind leg. She is almost now 16h as a 2 1/2 yr old and very sweet.


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January 1st, 2009

We wish you good health and much happiness in the coming year.

Don Ruby, who we imported a year ago, has been in training in CA with our friend Christine Rivlin. He is now ready to go to his new home. He was just barely ridden when we first bought him and my has he come a long way. We knew he would be a very nice one. You can see video clips of him on our Seattle page, although he is in CA. He is a Don Frederico x Rotspon - smaller - about 15.3, maybe 16h by now. He is very sweet and his gaits are very comfortable. He has already been to one show to "practice" and he was an angel - took it all in stride. What a nice young horse coming along. He is $45,000 USD. Take a look!


December 23rd, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone from Northwest Dressage.

Congratulations again to all of our big winners and very successful horses/owners of 2008. Winsome, Klapton, Valentino (x 2!), Vi Degro, Wester, Romeo, "V", "The Little Prince", Romantica, Allegro, Vivid, Telestar, Walansky, Flaming Heart, Roadster, Wonder, ....and the list goes on. Please forgive me for those I have left out, I am sure I will remember everyone in about 10 minutes after I send this!

We are looking forward to the new year and some new imports. Currently we have "London" here in Seattle and also "Don Ruby" in CA. Both are coming 5 yr olds and very fancy, rideable, talented horses.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage and we look forward to talking with you and working with you in the future. Most of all, we wish you a very happy, peaceful and safe Holiday season filled with kindness, love and laughter. We hope for you all that 2009 will be a fantastic year.

Pictured above, "Rhoda" - the Spinone Italiano , and the two Parson Russell Terriers, Pancho and Bubbles - all three of course, wishing you a Merry Christmas.


September 5th, 2008

Northwest Dressage presents, a new, smart, and exciting way to look towards the future with your interest and love for high quality sport horses. Take a look at some of these foals. They have been hand picked for pedigree, correct conformation, and of course, movement. Eurofoals presents affordable foals with the opportunity to raise them in Holland with the best of care and no import costs until you decide the direction your young horse should go as a 2 or 3 year old.

Tim Coomans, the previous owner of "Ravel" bought him as a foal and raised him. Eugene Reesink found "Florencio" as a foal and raised him to be the 5 yr old World Champion. There are countless stories that are exactly the same. SOMEONE gets all of these World Class horses when they are babies, and they hold on to them… it might as well be you!  By the time these super high quality foals are of riding age they are not for sale - and if they are, their price tags are very high. These foals can easily be insured with a group foal rate so that your investment is protected. Take a look and let me know what you think.


August 27th, 2008

More News!

I just heard from Leslee and Klapton - after a minor injury - back in shape and 64.4% at 4th Level 3! Congratulations to a great team for several years now.

Also, Dixie and her 5 yr old, "Wester" (Rhodium x Contango) just got a 78.5% in the 5 yr old test at Whidbey. There is no stopping them! As good as they are, they keep getting better....just when you think, how in the world could they get any better than this.... well they do.

Revelation (Farrington x Ferro), owned by Marguerite George won his class at the Champagne Classic with Leigh Cochran aboard. Here they are. He scored a 65.116 with Leigh in the Third Level Test 3 and at the next show he and Leigh scored 67.674 for second place - Good Job!


Photo by Greg Brewer of Creator One Photography
Greg is an exceptional photographer of equines and many other subjects.

August 21st, 2008

Congratulations to Terri Wood on the purchase of the 2008 Filly by Spielberg x Goya. Terri owns her half sister Zlarda (a.k.a. Zinnia) who is the #1 Dutch mare in the United States. This filly looks to be following right in her big sisters footsteps! This is a gorgeous, big moving filly that promises to be another big star for Terri. We are excited about her new home and we know she is in the best of hands now. This little foal will be on her way to the US soon. She just left Mom's side three days ago!


August 14th, 2008

Joan C and Telstar! Congratulations! I hear a 63.9 and FIRST place last weekend. That is fantastic you two! Joan and Telstar are a new pair and starting to click. Good Job Joan! (Laurie was very proud, very proud).

Winsome was a big winner two weekends ago. A 74.8 at First 3 and a 73% at First 4. I heard one of the judges was raving about him - I am not surprised. That is one special horse. We know. Congratulations to Nick and Yvette.

Flaming Heart, the stunning Florestan mare that we sold two years ago - is definitely going to the Young Horse Championships with her owner rider Gina Miller in the saddle. What a great job Gina has done with this lovely mare and we wish them the best of luck.


July 25th, 2008

ValianceHere is "Valiance" by Don Primaire. The Dutch gelding owned by Merryn. We mentioned below that he had great scores at T-4. My mistake. It's First Level 4! Here he is with Taryn Briones aboard. He has matured and grown up since I saw him last. Impressive.


July 14th, 2008

Valentino (Lancet x Bustron) in California with Christine Rivlin - He is second in the nation (KWPN) at second level. Go Val! That is fantastic. He just keeps winning. Sancet (owned by Ellie Kennedy) who also resides in Christine's barn has been scoring in the 70's at third level. Mar'so is doing really well for his owner Laurel Brown and he is qualified for championships at second level.

I also hear that our Florida Valentino (Riverman x Flemming), owned by Kelly Roetto is winning there and scoring in the 70's at first level...

I love all of this news!


July 7th, 2008

I hope everyone had a very happy Fourth of July. I just heard from Diane Lane about one of our younger kids out there, "Wi Degro," a five year old Negro that Roxanne found for Diane early in 2007. He went to his first show (Beaujolais in WA) and WON two times and was also Open High Point of the show! 75% at First Level 1 and 66% at First Level 4. Katrina Bradley aboard for Diane. Wow! Diane said he was calm and cool about the whole thing. Good Boy, Wi Degro. And congratulations to all three of you. Diane promised a photo soon...


July 3rd, 2008

....and more news from our kids out there ....."Weltenschung" a.k.a "Welty" has been showing in New York with his new owner Kathleen and she is thrilled with her new horse. Scoring high 60's their very first time out and two phone calls from a very, very happy new owner. She said "Welty" was a star and never put a foot wrong. Congratulations Kathleen.

Barb Holmes daughter Sydney has been showing "Day Dreamer" in Canada this summer and he is qualified for the BC summer games in July. As Barb said, "not bad for only having been shown five times!". That is great. Day Dreamer is an outstanding young gelding by "Dream of Heidelberg". I think they have quite a future ahead of them.

Merryn D., owner of "Valiance" or "V" for short said rider Taryn Briones showed him last week at Whidbey Island and below are his scores at T-4. Merryn is excited and looking forward to the future with "V". Obviously, it's looking good!

I believe two blue ribbons and one second place ribbon...

...and make sure you look at our "Horses in Seattle" page. You will see a video of this very nice new import, "London". He's a lovely young FEI prospect and perfect for those with great aspirations! Here he is showing off his beautiful face...


June 24th, 2008

Well, we have a brand new arrival from Holland. A beautiful new 4 yr. old, 16 ½ hh. We will have photos and videos soon. He is doing great.


June 14th, 2008

Here is "Dragonfly" with her trainer Tracy Hill and owner Linda Roan. Clearly, she is doing very well in her new home. Linda has been riding and showing her herself and she is having a great time. What a lovely photo.

Also I just received an email from Lynne Kimball Davis. She reports that her chestnut Manhattan gelding, UpperClass (a.k.a. Duke) is doing very well at 7 yrs old. She said another year and he will be PSG and it looks like year seven is his year to blossom. That is great to hear. Photos, Lynn? I still have a photo of him next to his mother when he was a weanling in Holland - beatiful then too. I'll send you that if you'll send me one of him under saddle now, deal?

And here is "Winsome" himself with Nick Wagman aboard. Showing off in CA.


May 14th, 2008

Here is the 7 yr. old Sandro Hit Stallion at a show. He will not be for sale until next fall and he will not be inexpensive! But, for fun, here is a brief clip of him.

Yes, I can find you horses like this. They are just very expensive!


May 13th, 2008

And another one! I had lost contact information for Suzie, so I was wondering how this "Little Prince" has been doing. We sold him to Suzie as a 2½ yr. old just in from Holland. He is another Sandro Hit son and the last time I saw him, he could do no more than trot around the field and look at him now. He is coming 5 and he scored in the high 60's and 70's (I think you said 74%?) at the Idaho Dressage Festival. Suzie says he is hot and she loves it and he's looking like he has some talent for piaffe/passage. That is great to hear. What a beautiful young horse he is. Suzie has done ALL of this herself. Impressive, to say the least.



May 12th, 2008

News from the Whidbey Island show this weekend. Dixie Montgomery and her 4 yr. old "Wester" cleaned house at Training Level. They won every class with scores up in the 70's of course. Congratulations. He is one very bright star in the making for sure. We are proud of you, Dixie.

Suzanne and Roxanne

May 7th, 2008

I just heard from "JJ's" (the New Forest Pony) new mom and she had her first ride today and all went really well. They love him and he has been an angel (but he always is) and he seems to have had a seamless adjustment to his new home.

I heard from Laurel Brown, and Mar'so has been showing in CA and doing great. I left him out of our list! Sorry Laurel. He is getting great scores at the shows and they are enjoying him a lot.


May 2nd, 2008

Here is "Flaming Heart" (Florestan x Weltmeyer) herself with owner Gina Miller aboard. She has come into her own and she and Gina are becoming quite a force at the shows. She looks gorgeous, Gina. Congratulations.


April 28th, 2008

We are so proud! Our kids are winning big at Del Mar in CA.

"Flaming Heart" (Florestan x Weltmeyer) just won her 3.1 class with a 66.9% and she scored a 71.8% in her FEI 6 yr old final. Looks like she's going to Kentucky! Owner Gina Miller was aboard for both great rides.

"Roadster" (Rhodiamont), also owned by Gina Miller, won his second level classes with 67% ridden by Allison, Laurie Doyle's assistant.

"Vivid" (Hemmingway x Cavalier) owned by Alycia Mondavi has been a big winner at first level. He has been scoring in the high 70's, and in fact, they have been calling me a lot from the CA shows with their latest "wins".

"Valentino" (Lancet x Bustron) owned by Chris Rivlin, has had a big article about him in Chronicle of the Horse and he has been winning and scoring high at the shows.

The other "Valentino" (Riverman x Flemming) is in Florida and he has been placing very high in the young horse classes there with owner Kelly Roetto and trainer Cathi Morelli.

"Kascadeur" owned by Sue Goudy has been scoring in the 70's at second level also and he will be moving to third this summer. Sue is still very proud of him and Janice Dill, her trainer, is having a great time riding him. Good Boy Casey.

...and just yesterday, "Winsome's" (Obelisk x Wolfgang) new mom, Yvette, called to let us know that Winsome scored 66% - 74.667% at first level in his very first show. She said it did take him a bit of time to realize the judges stand was not going to eat him, but then, all went well. She said everyone wants to know where she got him. And yeah, I admit it, we are so proud, what can I say. You go, Winsome!

I am begging for photos and hoping they come soon. (hint?)


April 25th, 2008

This is the "Crum" family. They are famous and proud. They bred "Zlarda", and this year they bred her half sister - see her on the Seattle page. It was my pleasure to finally meet them.


April 24th, 2008

Just back from Holland. This was a fantastic trip. Please see the 6 yr old Obelisk gelding and the 5 yr old Rhodium on my Seattle Page. Two very, very nice horses that are still at the moment in Holland.

For fun, here are some photos of some horses that we have for sale still in Holland. This is a Sandro Hit stallion that will not be available for sale until next Fall. He is 7 yrs old and he is an Olympic caliber horse with that kind of price tag. He is one incredible horse.

Here is an I 1 mare. 9 years old and schooling piaffe/passage. Her scores are in the 70's in Holland - consistently. She is hot and forward, but very sensible - high in the "F" category for price range.

Here is a gorgeous weanling filly that is a half sister to Zlarda (aka Zinnia) who is the number one Dutch mare in North America for 2007. This filly is sired by "Spielberg" (Sunny Boy x Rosier) who is quite the stallion in Europe right now. She has fantastic dressage movement and type.

I have always been a fan of Rubin Royal - just love him. And for the first time I got to meet him! Here he is, and his stall plate to prove it. We saw a lot of his sons/daughters and his own Mom as well as some full brothers and sisters. One of them a baby, just born.

...and for fun. Here is a Rottweiler x African Boerbole Dog cross. Her name is "Jolie" (yes, for Angelina). She was helping us video tape at her farm.

Here is the daughter of a very famous breeder in Germany. These are Border Collie x Muenstanlander cross puppies. At this same stable, we found the foal of a lifetime. You will see him on the Seattle page. He really is not for sale, but he should be seen - you don't see them like this often.

We have lots of videos and photos coming. It will take a few days, but they are on the way. If you are looking for top quality horses from foals to GP, we can tell you where they are. We are focusing on only the best in every category.


April 23rd, 2008

I am just back from the last trip to Holland, with TONS of photos/videos and new horses to show you... stay tuned and I will be posting in the next few days. An especially nice 6 yr. old doing changes and lateral work. Very, very fancy. He will be in the "F" price category... and more.

In the mean time, here is little "Rhoda". She is 5 months old now (hard to believe) and she says "Happy Spring" to everyone. She is such a fun puppy.


April 17th, 2008

As you can also see on our Seattle page, Kulbergs Jordan has a new mom. Miggy Monroe and trainer Dolly Hannon have secured this great pony's future and he will be travelling to the Rocky Mountains very soon. Congratulations!


April 17th, 2008

And, as you can see on the Seattle page, a big congratulations to the new owners of "Elektra". Rachael Horton has a spectacular new horse to learn with and compete on in Florida. Elektra is one very special mare who has had a fantastic career with former owner Alex Duncan. Trainers Nancy Smith and Betsy Steiner both gave their stamp of approval and they will be steering this new team on their way. Rachael is a hard working and dedicated young lady who is looking for a big challenge and something tells me she will definitely rise to the occasion. Good luck ladies!


April 16th, 2008

What a great weekend we had. Merryl Vines hosted Conrad Schumacher at our "Trilogy" facility in Monroe, WA (owned by Shauna Pinneo). As always, it was a big success. Conrad comes often and of course, everyone always learns a lot! Roxanne and Max were the big attraction of the weekend and they did a great job as always.

Also pictured here you will see Jennifer Johnson and her Swedish Gelding "Gabe" and our own "Wild River" with Garyn Heidemann aboard. Wild River was quite the young star at this clinic and Conrad just loved him. Several time he talked about how talented he is and that he has so much potential. They worked on simple walk/canter transitions (which fortunately Garyn had already started at home!) and "Rivers" just sat right down behind and gave us a glimpse of what is to come. We were very proud!

Here are photos of them all, and of course, of Conrad himself. The only one who did not have a great weekend was Roxanne's little "Chip" – he had to stay in the tackroom all weekend!


March 11th, 2008

Well, Viva Las Vegas is settling in very nicely in his new (chilly!) home in Illinois. His new mom said he is doing very well and he arrived in great shape. We are glad he's home safe and sound and of course thrilled that he has a talented rider who is also his new mom!

Welty is still here with us and he will be traveling East toward the end of the month so we are enjoying the last few weeks with him.

Alex and Courtney's "Atomic" has settled in well with Klaus and he seems to be doing great.

Our next trip to Holland is the first week in April.

Oh, and I have been refraining, but soon I think I will have to put up a new photo of little "Rhoda" our Italian Spinone, so you can see how she is growing into a beautiful young lady.


February 29th, 2008

A busy week here in the Northwest! Weltanschauung has a new owner and they are a great match. He will be staying with us for a few weeks before he travels home to New York.


February 28th, 2008

A big congratulations to Gitza Peterson on the purchase of the very talented FEI prospect "Viva Las Vegas". Vegas is a professional's horse and he can go all the way - Gitza can do it! We are thrilled to have him in such good hands and our first horse in Illinois!

Suzanne and Roxanne

February 21st , 2008

CONGRATULATIONS! to Alex Rukeyser and her trainer Courtney King on the purchase of "Atomic" the 3 yr. old gelding by Sandro Hit x Jazz. See video on the current news below (Feb. 5th). What a spectacular young horse and - no kidding - going into exactly the right hands! Of course, we cannot wait to see what Courtney does with this brilliant young gelding. Atomic will be traveling to stay with Klause Balkenhol where Courtney will start getting to know him. Good luck to everyone. Alex, what a nice young horse.


February 18th , 2008

Northwest Dressage horses are making their mark in the show ring!

"Flaming Heart" (Florestan x Weltmeyer) cleaned up at second level in Indio last weekend with owner Gina Miller, and "Valentino" (Lancet x Bustron) got a 74% at second level with owner Christine Rivlin.

Congratulations, ladies. We are very proud of your accomplishments!

Suzanne and Roxanne

February 14th , 2008

Northwest Dressage welcomes our newest member!

This is Rhodadenrun My Phyllisofical Valentine (aka Rhoda). She is an Italian Spinone and she arrived on Valentines Day from Pennsylvania. This is the sweetest, easiest dog in the world. She will be BIG!

Welcome from Bubbles, Pancho, Chip and Penny!


February 5th , 2008

Here is a photo of one that we found that is already sale pending. This is a coming 3 yr. old by Sandro Hit. He is something else. I will have more details soon, but in the meantime, here is a very nice video to watch of this exciting young one. I will be going back in a few very short weeks looking again!


January 25nd , 2008

I am sure you would much rather hear all about the horses, but so much to tell, I don't know where to start! So, in the meantime, here is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! This young rider just got a brand new puppy today. The little puppy is the happiest, sweetest thing in the world, but doesn't know how to stop, so she is exhausted and keeps running and wagging her tail... until you pick her up... then she is asleep so fast you wouldn't believe it - pick her up, her eyes are closed and she's dreaming! A happy puppy and her new girl.

We have seen some incredible young horses on this trip - absolutely, and a really nice PSG 10 yr. old... much to tell, it's coming soon!


January 22nd , 2008

This the "Sir" himself! "Sir Oldenberg" - we were treated to a private showing. All I can say is that in person, he is even more - he clearly loves to show himself off!

We have already seen some promising young ones - it looks like a good week ahead!


January 14th , 2008

Next trip to Holland, January 21-28. We are off again horse hunting in Holland. As always, I expect a very fun and very busy trip. We have several specific horses that we are looking for and of course are hoping to come back with some of those rare finds... stay tuned!


January 2nd , 2008

Today, Winsome left for his new home in California. Doug West is the expert hauler who came from California just to pick him up and take him home. Here he is just before he gets on. He was a gentleman and as beautiful as we always knew him to be...


Fare Thee Well!

December 27th, 2007

Rudolph was slow flying this year (we heard he had a bad cold), but finally, today, he made it to Yvette Pickerell's house to let her know that her present was in Seattle, WA, just waiting for her to come get him. Soooo, early next week, Winsome will be on his way... Nick Wagman is Yvette's trainer and he will be only in the best of hands. Congratulations and a Very Happy New Year!

This one is definitely a shining star already, and he's just beginning...

Suzanne and Roxanne

December 21st, 2007

Here is "Viva Las Vegas" all dressed up for Christmas, and wishing you all the best!

December 21st, 2007

Christmas is just around the corner, and as you can see, we are as busy as always. Here are some photos of Catherine (with Vegas), Roxanne (with Chip), and Jennifer (Chip again... yes, he's special!). We hope you all have a peaceful and restful Holiday Season, and we look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in the coming year (some of you right after Christmas!).

Suzanne, Roxanne, Elise, Jhesika, Catherine, Susan, Shanon, Jennifer, Lindsey... well all of us!

December 20th, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Gail and Omar

December 7th, 2007

Congratulations to Laurel Braun of CA on the purchase of Mar'so! Chris tells us that they are a great match and we look forward to hearing about their new partnership! Merry Christmas Laurel!


November 13th, 2007

It's a little belated, but congratulations to Leigh Cochran on the purchase of her new black (with a star and everything) foal by Florencio x Zeoliet. Leigh picked this one out at the Performance Plus Sale and we brought him home for her with our others! He is a darling colt with a fantastic hind leg (I wonder where that came from?) and Leigh, who has a brand new baby girl (human) now has a new baby horse too, so she has her hands full, but look how happy...


November 5th, 2007

Here is Zlarda (aka Zinnia) - she is indeed the NUMBER ONE KWPN-NA Dressage Mare in the Nation - our Zinnia! Terri Woods is her unbelievably proud owner. Congratulations Terri. We are absolutely thrilled to hear about this. She is more beautiful than I even remember. What a mare. Terri bought Zinnia from us in the summer of 2006.

We have sold the number one first level Dutch gelding in the nation and the number one KWPN-NA Dressage mare in the nation. Of course, we are proud!

Here is a photo of Zlarda (Zinnia). How beautiful.


November 5th, 2007

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Congratulations Dee S. on the purchase of "Brado". What a happy pair and we know they will do great together. Brado will move to his new home in "the South" very soon.


November 2nd, 2007

Here is a quote from Christine Rivlin about her young horse "Valentino" (a.k.a. Velasquez) that she bought from us last year... I love emails like this! Way to go Christine and Val.

"Thought you might like to know, my Valentino was first level Dutch horse of the year and I think sixth in the country for open. I love him!"

Also, congratulations to Hillary Allen-Kissick on the purchase of this fancy one! He is on his way home, even as we speak!


October 24th, 2007

Here is Leslee Massa and her champion "Klapton" at the Northwest Dressage champions. What a beautiful pair.


October 24th, 2007

News from Performance Plus!

What a fun week. Here is a photo of our newest import to be. This is a 5 yr old by Laumadon x Ferro. (Laumadon is one of Steffan Peters current a gelding). He is a sweet and easy going young gelding. He is doing green flying changes, but solid second level for now. Third is not far away. About 16.1hh.

The sale was a huge success. The horses were of the highest quality ever. Hans Peter Mindenhoud was there riding "French Kiss" (what a horse) through the sale. Edward Gal on the sidelines watching. Sir Oldenberg was incredible....and so many more. I will have some video clips up soon of some of the highlights...coming soon.


October 8th, 2007

Region 6 winners from Northwest Dressage include "Klapton" and Leslee Massa, who were Northwest Champion for third level AA, Reserve Champion Region 6 Third Level Freestyle, 3rd NW Third Level Freestyle, and 4th Region 6 Third Level AA. Congratulations Leslee again! You two are such a great team.

Also, 4 yr old "Wester" (Rhodium x Contango) and his owner Dixie Montgomery in her words: "We got a first in the NW Open show, a 3rd in the NW Championships, and Reserve Championship (2nd) in USDF Championships - all in training level. Not too shabby for a four year old!" "Wester" is just a fantastic young horse that Roxanne and I found in Holland early this year. Dixie just loves him, and so do all of the judges. He is something else. Congratulations Dixie and Wester!


September 28th, 2007

Telestar is now officially owned by a lovely lady in California. Joan Cvengros came to see him with her vet and trainer and they all loved him. They vetted him right there on the spot and that was that! FEI Trainer/Judge Laurie Falvo Doyle is agent for Joan and she and sweet Telestar will be in training with Laurie. I can't say we have ever had a horse with a better work ethic than his. He is so fun to ride and work with. Best of luck Joan! (Remember apples are his favorite treat...)


September 26th, 2007

Here is a 3 yr old stallion by Scandic x Faram. He will be in the Performance Plus Sale. He is under saddle, but he had just seen the dentist when I was there so no riding! Here is a video of him playing in the arena. He's pretty isn't he?


September 26th, 2007

It's hard to resist showing off "Bubbles" and "Pancho" in their new coats from Scotland. They were not thrilled to, once again, have a photo shoot for my web site (you should see their faces when they figure out what we are doing....), but they endured and here they are all dressed up like Scots. I attended the British Equine Veterinary Associations annual meeting because they had a seminar on Pre Purchase Exams, including a panel of a Dutch, German, Portugese, British and an American vet where they presented and discussed several different horses that they had seen individually for Pre Purchase Exams. It was an informative and entertaining time. They discussed the different requirements for x-rays from different countries and also they discussed the veterinarians role in the whole buying process. Different horses were presented (via video tape and photos) and the veterinarians discussed how they would advise the buyers. I am hoping that next year they include a talk about "self awareness" and "personalities" of both vets and buyers! Now THAT would be interesting.

This is the Edinburgh Castle which has over 1000 years of history. It is everything you would dream a castle would be - old and beautiful and dark and light - the bedroom of "Mary Queen of Scots" is here and the Scottish National War Memorial which is tender and humbling and shows the Scots love and respect for their own. There is so much history here. I would highly recommend a trip to Scotland and don't miss this Castle and don't miss the Highlands....really. It's fascinating, old and so beautiful....okay, back to the horses!


P.S. Here is also a photo of the "Queen's View" in the Highlands of Scotland.

September 19th, 2007

Here is a preview of what will be on the web site soon! I just came back from a trip to Holland (including a side trip to Scotland to attend the British Equine Vet Associations annual meeting ). I will have a lot of info and photos soon, but here is one of the horses that we have in Holland now. This is a 16.2h 7 yr old gelding by Welt Hit. Absolutely the perfect amateur's horse. He is obviously very beautiful and he is very well trained to 4th/PSG. He is very comfortable and easy (born on the bit) with no spooks. Visit our Europe page for videos of him!

We will have 9 new horses coming up on our Europe page, so stay tuned!


August 28st, 2007

Performance Plus is coming again! This year, October 20th is the date. I will have catalogues soon and also they will be on line. I will be traveling to Holland a few days before the auction so we can take plenty of time to view the auction horses. We will also have a US vet attending with us. I am happy to have anyone join me that wants to come. It is always so much fun and we have inside stories on all of the horses so it is a safe and fun way to go. As always, we do all of the driving, make hotel reservations for you etc. It's an easy trip.


Ricardo and Philesha August 1st, 2007

Congratulations to Philesha of Kansas on the purchase of Ricardo. Ricardo is a 9 year old 4th level KWPN gelding by "Gracio". Philesha came to see him and rode him so well. They are a very good pair. Ricardo will soon be on his way to see his new mom.


July 30th, 2007

Remember Zinnia? Here she is with her handler in California where she took it all home from a breed show. Zinnia is about to start her career under saddle - what a mare... I would say her owners are very lucky people!


Florencio x Goya

Laurie Doyle's Camp July 13th, 2007

A photo from our Northwest Dressage group at Laurie Doyle's camp in California. Left to right, Walansky (Polansky x Candy Boy 4 yrs), Vivid (Hemmingway x Cavalier 5 yrs), Roadster (Rohdiamont x Westminster 6 yrs) and Flaming Heart (Florestan X Weltmeyer 5 yrs) herself. What an incredible group. These are four of our very best horses and all in one place.



Laurie Doyle's Camp We are so proud of our kids and they have the best owners. That is one very beautiful photo. It is what makes this all so much fun....thanks so much Ladies for doing this for us.... that is quite a line up of horse flesh to say the least....(okay, yes, we are proud....can't help it!)


July 12th, 2007

A HUGE congratulations to the Holme family in Canada on the purchase of "DayDreamer" - DayDreamer has been tucked away with us for a little while and Barb found him. He is an incredible talent (a huge mover among other things!) and he and Sydney are quite the pair - she is a fantastic rider and very capable of taking him all the way. They are looking forward to having him in their Barn... soon!


July 6th, 2007

One very happy Linda Roan is the new owner of Miss Dragonfly (a.k.a. "Lilly") and she will soon be welcoming her to her new home. Tracy Hill is agent for Linda. Linda and "Lilly" will be training with Tracy and Axel Steiner and we all know for sure they are already a great pair. What a beautiful mare in every way - she has it all - looks/talent/temperament. We will miss her, but Linda promises to keep us updated....

....and yes, more news coming!


June 28th, 2007

It has been very busy around here and we have lots of news for you, but we have to wait just a little bit longer....soon though... in the meantime....our clients and their Northwest Dressage Horses have been doing well at the shows. "Wester" the 4 yr old Dutch Gelding by Rhodium x Contango, who is owned by Dixie Montgomery, made a huge splash at his first show. He won the material class and won Training 2 with a score of 76.4 % even though Dixie went off course twice! (Dixie???) We are thrilled, and of course Dixie is thrilled. We found Wester for Dixie on a trip to Holland in January. He was the last horse we had to see on the way to Amsterdam late at night. It was dark and we had to ride him outside and it was a wild time, but Roxanne new the minute she saw him that he was born for Dixie ....indeed he was. He is a very fancy and special young horse.

Marguerite George and her 9 yr old Dutch Gelding "Revelation" by Farrington x Ferro just scored 65.(something?) this weekend in a great class at second level four - she is thrilled and Revy seems happy with himself as well.

Kelly Reis showed her new mare "Passadena" also and won a class and placed very well in several others.

Congratulations Ladies!

In the mean time, back at home, here you see a candid shot of "JJ" and "Winsome" having some bonding time outside at Trilogy Farms.

June 18th, 2007

News just in from Laurie Doyle and Flaming Heart. Showing this weekend at the San Diego show in Del Mar and she was first place in both classes with a 75 and a 76! Obviously she was high point of the show and she caused QUITE a commotion! She had been shown once before with definite apprehension of the judges stand and this time, she was cool about everything she saw (like an old pro at 5 yrs!) and she stole the show for sure. Congratulations to Gina, Laurie and Miss Flame herself.

Gina and Flaming Heart will soon be traveling to Germany to work with Ernst Hoyos. He also loves this extraordinary mare and we look forward to hearing how their time with him in Germany goes. Gina, send us pictures okay?

Along with our other very fancy youngsters, Daphne has come into her own. She is 4 months under saddle now and she is really a fancy young mare. She is strikingly beautiful and sooo black! Daphne has a very easy temperament and she is an easy ride... we will have new video of her up soon - she is extraordinarily well bred as well - so quite a package as a riding/show horse and breeding mare.... One of my favorite things to do is to buy the 2 1/2 yr olds before they have been ridden and watch them as they develop and become strong and talented riding horses --- it's fun, and Daphne has been especially fun to watch and play with!


June 11th, 2007

News about our Kids!

We are proud to let you know that several of our horses are out there winning -

Uprising - he is 6 now ( I can't believe seems like just yesterday that he was a tender 3 yr old !) His owner Martha Vaughn just let me know that he was High Point Dutch horse at the recent DG Bar show in May! Scoring 70%'s - Wow - she said she just grabbed her blue ribbon and ran and she just now found out that he was High Point Dutch Horse.. Slow down there Martha! Congratulations.

Kascadeur owned Susan Goudy and Trained by Janice Dill has won every test he has been in this year! High 60's is his usual score and he has a proud Mom and a very proud former Mom!

Leslee Massa and Klapton are doing great in the Pacific Northwest - She has been showing him 4th level and doing and scoring really well.

More to come and I am hoping for photos soon...

"Stan" just arrived safely in California with his new Mom Bridgette. He traveled well and she is one very happy lady.

Our new pony got in this morning in great shape - of course everyone thinks he is just darling because he is...hopefully there will be photos and videos up soon.

Furst Prince and Winsome are just dropping our jaws every day - these are two of the nicest ever..they are settling in well and making us very happy...

That is all for now...


June 5th, 2007

As you can see, we have been very busy! We have new horses every where and more are coming. Winsome and Furst Prince arrived at about 1:30am this past Saturday ( I mean Sunday) morning. They traveled well and settled in right away...Furst Prince is still a little tired, but his buddy Winsome has not missed a step! They are both lovely and sweet horses and we are really enjoying them.

Ricardo, a 9 yr old 4th level gelding is a very nice horse and certainly the right price. He can be a bit strong in the bridle at times, but not too bad and a good amateur will be fine with him. He is in price category A, and those of you on a budget should surely check him out.

Dragonfly is a beautiful, refined and talented mare suitable for an amateur - no problem. She is fancy and just as easy as they come.

Brado as you can see is also a very nice quality gelding. He is good for an amateur, and he will be a fancy one in the show ring also...

Believe it or not...there are still more coming - a 14.2h very fancy pony that has a lovely piaffe/passage and a 9 yr old, schooling GP, 16.3h gelding that is an extrordinary amateurs mount. He is top quality and in our highest price category.

We will keep you informed on arrivals. Come and see us any time, we would love to have you. We have quite a line up of young ones...come and see...


May 17th, 2007

I do think this was one of our best trips ever. Here are some of the new horses and more to come!

Congratulations to Wendy Roberts on the purchase of two very fancy three year olds. One is by Kojak and the other is a son of Quattro x Miterns. These two are both spectacular movers with their who careers just about to unfold! Chris Rivlin is agent for Wendy and picked these two out of a bunch of really good ones!

Quattro Sanding
Congrats Brigett Walker

Also a BIG congratulations to Bridgett Walker on the purchase of this beautiful and talented 8 yr old Gelding by Neostan. Believe it or not, his name is just "Stan" (no kidding), but don't be deterred by that..he is very fancy and schooling GP. Congratulations Bridget - this is a really good one....Chris Rivlin is agent for Bridgett

May 16th, 2007

Okay, we are still finishing a vetting on two more, but we have finished on a 3 yr old black gelding by Don Fredrico x Rotspon. He is a very easy and uncomplicated young gelding - fantastic type and three very good gaits. Being pretty and black doesn't hurt him. His name is Don Ruby. Here is a video clip - he's not dressed up, but you can see how cute he is!

Precious the bulldog

May 15th, 2007

Almost home.....we have had a great trip in Holland. We always do see the cutest dogs on our tours of the different are two of them ......

This is "Precious" the bulldog.

This is an old Jack Russell Terrier that is certainly queen of her barn...

Jack Russel Terrier
San Schufro

This is my new colt by "San Schufro" (Sandro Hit x Don Shufro) - he is black with a star. His mother of our Rohdiamont x Weltmeyer broodmare. We think he's beautiful!

May 11th, 2007

Well, sales are still happening while we are in Holland! Congratulations to Ann Magee of Nevada on the purchase of our ever so beautiful Sandro Hit gelding "Simply the Best" . He is such an incredibly talented gelding with such a good temperament...we are very happy for Ann and we know she will have a great time with him. What a nice pair they are.

We are still in Holland and finding some incredible horses...

Simply the best

Zinnias little sister

May 8th, 2007

We are having a great trip in Holland (half way through!) and here are some photos. This is "Zinnia's" little sister. She is just a yearling and so much looks like her older sister. She also is a fantastic's in the blood I suppose. She needs a "B" name...any ideas?

More scenes from is a lovely little three year old on his way back to his barn.... we are hoping he comes home with us....

From Holland


May 3rd, 2007

Congratulations to Carol Bohn on the purchase of Zakaroff! Zak is a 13 yr old Danish gelding that is 4th level. He and Carol are a perfect pair.....they are both very happy and so are we. We will still get to see him every day.

Northwest Dressage Imports

April 15th, 2007

Here is Valentino with Jessica aboard at our last photo shoot with Tim Poulsen.

Valentino and Jessica
Valentino and Jessica

Kelly Roetto is his new owner and he will be in very good hands. We feel very fortunate to have been the ones to find him and import him. He is indeed, one very unusual and special young horse.

Another "Valentino" a.k.a. "Velasquez" owned by Chris Rivlin has qualified for the young horse championships in Kentucky! With scores of 7.5 and 7.7 in the FEI five year old class at Rancho Murieta...Congratulations! He is on his way.

"Flaming Heart" now owned by Gina Miller and trained by Laurie Falvo Doyle is also making headlines in the young horse classes - she is on her way as well and we are SO proud of her! Way to go Laurie and soon as she learns that judges stand won't hurt her, well then she'll REALLY be on her way! Photos coming soon of both horses I hope!

I must say, we have some incredible clients buying our horses.... we are fortunate for sure to have these young horses land in such capable hands.....

April 12th, 2007

Valentino has just passed his vetting with flying colors and he is sold. Details will follow, but suffice to say that we are excited to know he will be in very good hands. This is indeed one spectacular, World Class fellow and we feel fortunate to have had him for even this short amount of time. Congratulations Kelly.


April 10th, 2007

Congratulations to Ellie Armstrong - Kennedy on the purchase of Sancet. Sancet is already in his new home in California and he and Ellie are getting to know each other. Good Luck with him Ellie. Christine Rivlin - Henke was agent for Ellie.


February 28th, 2007

Just today, we have put up new videos of both Wild River and Mar'so. Take a look. Both horses have improved dramatically since they have arrived and we are very happy to show off their progress. Lindsey and Caitlyn are doing a fantastic job with them. We are so fortunate to have talented riders like these two girls.

I am just home from settling in "Night Lady" and "Simply the Best" into their new home in the Pacific Northwest. After being delayed in quarantine several days because of bad weather and going through two blizzards on the way home (!!), we have all breathed a sigh of relief that they arrived safe and sound (okay, we were worried about the driver too, not just the horses! ). "Northwest Dressage Imports" welcomes these two lovely and high quality imports.


February 20th, 2007

Valentino has arrived. Take a deep seat and watch his video on the "Seattle" page. This is one spectacular young gelding. He is truly an International Prospect. This young son of Riverman has so much talent and we have barely even tapped into it. His gaits are all star quality, he can collect his canter already, his trot.....well take a look at the video. He speaks better for himself than I will ever be able to. We are obviously very proud. This is a professional's horse - We have spent over six months looking for a horse like this to bring home and offer for sale in the United States.....finally, he's home! Valentino just arrived late Sunday evening. This is his second day working for us here in the US.


February 14th, 2007

happy valentines from northwest dressage

Dahpne & Day Dreamer
Sharon & Wild River

February 12th, 2007

Here is Roxanne and Garrin (holding Day Dreamer and Daphne) taking a little break during the Photo Shoot (top photo). Shanon and Wild River are sharing "quality time" while she is getting him PERFECT for his photos (lower photo). Everyone worked very hard that day and it was a big success. (Girls just remember if those polos aren't an exact match I WILL see it! Thanks to our photographer Tim Poulsen ( for giving us a whole long day to fit all of the horses in, and especially thank you to our Northwest Dressage Team for working so hard and so fast! Susan did a great job also with Rasani and he will have his photo on the Seattle page soon.

This is an incredible group of horses that we have in and we have three more coming. Thanks for checking in with us.

Look at Roxanne's little "Chip" he tried to mess up all the photos, but he was soon convinced to head for the out gate!

February 5th, 2007

Three here and three to go! Late Saturday evening we welcomed Telestar, Day Dreamer and Wild River to their new (temporary) home in the Pacific Northwest. All arrived safe and sound and they look great. We have a big photo shoot planned this Wednesday and we should have photos up by Thursday. We will have short videos available on Thursday as well. Night Lady flies this Wednesday and Simply the Best with Valentine will fly on Valentines Day. February 2007 is a very big month indeed for new arrivals. We are having a lot of fun. Below is a current list of all of the horses that we have available at the moment. The yearlings and the two year old are still in Holland along with Zorro, but the rest are here with us in Seattle or will be soon. Please feel free to call with questions.

Currently available at Northwest Dressage.
Bay yearling colt by Sandro Hit x Rohdiamont
Bay yearling filly by Sandreo x Goya (half sister to Zinnia!)
Bay Two yr old stallion by Florencio x Goya (full brother to Zinnia)
Zorro - 3 yr old Black Gelding by Special D x Astronaut
Daphne -3 yr old 15.3h True Black Hanoverian Filly by Don Frederico x Wolkentanz
Day Dreamer - 5 yr old 16.3h Dark Liver Chestnut Oldenburg Gelding by Dream of Heidelberg
Wild River - 4 yr old 16h Liver Chestnut (flaxen mane) Dutch Gelding by Riverman x Farrington
Vivid - 5 yr old 16.1h Bay Dutch Gelding by Hemmingway
SuperStar- 5 yr old 16.1h Bay Roan Odenburg Gelding by Sunny Boy x Rubenstein
Valentine - 5 yr old 16.2h Liver Chestnut Dutch Gelding by Riverman x Flemming
Simply The Best - 6 yr old Black 16.2h Oldenburg Gelding by Sandro Hit x Feinerstern
Telestar - 7 yr old 16.3h Dark Bay Dutch Gelding by Hilton x Gentleman
Marso - 8 yr old 17h Dark Bay Danish Gelding - Third level
Woden - 8 yr old 16.2h Chestnut Gelding by Weltmeyer x Donnerhall - 4th/PSG
Night Lady - 10 yr old 15.2 Westfalen mare - PSG
Rasani - 13 yr old 16h Bay Danish Gelding - 4th /PSG
Zakaroff - 13 yr old 16.h Bay Danish Gelding 4th level

Prices from $20,000 USD to $130,000 USD

January 25th, 2007

We are excited to tell you that we have SIX new horses coming between Jan 31st and Valentines Day. The youngest horses are 4 yrs old and the oldest is a 10 yr old. The 10 yr old is an adorable PSG mare that is 15.2hh. There is a Sandro Hit x Feinerstern gelding, A Riverman x Flemming Gelding, a Dream of Heidelberg Gelding, a gelding sired by Hilton and another Riverman. The first three horses will arrive in Los Angeles next Wednesday and they will be in Seattle late in the evening on Feb 3rd. . The last two will actually land in the US on Valentines Day We will have photos and video soon.

I have heard from Walansky’s new owner, Flo Brown that “Wally” has settled in well and they are very excited to have him. The first ride was Flo’s and she said he was a perfect gentleman (and of course she loves those big easy gaits!).

We will keep you posted on the new arrivals.



January 16th, 2007

Congratulations Flo Brown and agent/trainer Laurie Doyle on the purchase of Walansky himself! His new owner and trainer are ecstatic and they can't wait to get him home. We are thrilled that a horse of his caliber is going home to an owner and trainer with great talent and knowledge. They will carefully bring him along, and you wait - he will be a show stopper in the GP arena....okay, well, he'll look good at the lower levels too....on his way up there!

January 3rd, 2007

What a great beginning for a new year for Dixie Montgomery. Congratulations Dixie on the purchase of your fancy little sports car "Wester". Wester is a son of Rhodium (Olympic Ferro) out of a Contango mare. He is a cute and fancy dressage machine with four white socks and a blaze.

Congratulations to Diane Lane on the purchase of this beautiful and fancy black 4 yr old gelding by Negro (Olympic Ferro). "Wie Degro" is a big, uphill mover with a lovely temperament. Diane is wondering if he will EVER actually get here, but I promise Diane, he is coming really soon!

Wie Degro

December 21st, 2006

And one more parting shot for the year 2006 - Lindsey, Walansky and Bubbles all dressed up for the season - wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Thank you to all of our friends and clients for making this another fantastic year for Northwest Dressage. Congratulations to all of the new owners and we wish you the very best with your new mounts. Here's to a year of beautiful horses.

Suzanne, Roxanne, Susan, Shanon, Lindsey, Caitlyn, Bubbles, Pancho, Lilly and Chip

Wally Bubbles


December 14nd, 2006

Congratulations to Zorro our 2 yr old stallion that has made it to the second round in the KWPN stallion selections in Ermelo - Wow ! We are very proud of him.

Here is Zorro at the Stallion Show in Ermelo. He made the newspapers....needless to say he was impressing the judges every step of the way. This is a photo that was in the news paper and they sent it to us - a proud moment for sure...


December 2nd, 2006

....Continuing in the Christmas spirit here is another new mascot "Chip" getting ready for his very first Christmas and telling Santa how many and what kinds of bones to bring. What a cute puppy!


November 20th, 2006

One More Time......Off we go yet again! We still do not have enough horses so we are off on a buying trip again. We will be in Holland/Germany from December 4th - December can still call us any time (just remember we are 9 hours ahead of you! )......Stay tuned for yet some more new arrivals............and guess who's getting ready for Christmas

Ch. Bowery Bubbles and Whisper Wind Pancho Villa

Ch. Bowery Bubbles and Whisper Wind Pancho Villa just can't wait for Christmas! They are trying on their Christmas Bows even as we speak.....Bubbles had a big year - her son "Cooper"(Pancho's little brother) is now the number one Parsons Russell Terrier in the United States......a big year for sure.


November 15th, 2006

Here is "Pabatsa" with his owner Laura. Pabatsa and trainer Andrea Ullrich were HOY Third Level Open Champion for the San Juan Capistrano Division.

Fantastic and Congratulations again to both of you ladies.. I think Laura loves that new horse of hers....what a great photo. Thank you Laura.


November 13th, 2006

Two Beauty Queens - Passadena, her always and forever lovely self, joins her knew owner Kelly Ries just before she steps on the trailer to head for home. Besides being incredibly photogenic, Passadena is a brilliant mover with a fantastic work ethic.....Miss Talented.

Passadena and Kelly

Kelly is a lovely rider and she will do a fantastic job with this special mare. Janet Grunbok is agent/trainer for Kelly. What a Happy Thanksgiving......


November 8th, 2006

Here is Jill's new mare "Poppet".  A four year old Westfalian with big, loose, elastic movement. As you can see, Jill had a great time on her shopping trip in Holland. Her new girl arrives today in Los Angeles. Congratulations Jill!

Jill Cheever

We had a fantastic trip to Holland and we have several new horses coming our way. Like "Unbelievable" - our new 5 yr old  16.1 1/2 Dutch gelding by Paddox (Ferro) and also a new 2 1/2 yr old black filly by Don Frederico. Northwest Dressage also has aquired the yearling full brother to "Zinnia' as well as the half sister to Zinnia (Sandreo x Goya). We have quite a line up of top, top quality youngsters. There isn't anything average about any of them! Let us know if you would like to see them....


Octorber 10th, 2006


Congratulations Ann! Pavaratti has a wonderful new home where he will be in training with Shaun Mclaughlin - What a great home he is going to. No one will love him more than Ann.

Wonderlady Texel

Octorber 4th, 2006

This is Wonderlady Texel. The champion mare of Holland. She is a San Remo x Jazz daughter.

......And here are those mares!

This is Wiona Utopia - the Reserve Champion mare of Holland.

She is a Ferro x Farmer daughter - look at that hind leg!

Wiona Utopia

Octorber 2nd, 2006

WildCards Number 2 and Number 3!

Champion and Reserve champion Mares of Holland. In Holland, one of the greatest honors and victories is to own the Champion Mare of all of Holland. This mare is revered and highly sought after. She is truly a National Treasure. It is unusual and unheard of to have access to these mares at an auction. This year it is different. The Number one and Number two champion mares in Holland will be presented for sale in the Performance Plus Auction 2006.

Photos to follow...stay tuned.



September 27th, 2006


Here you go - this is the first WildCard for the Performance Plus 2006 Auction. He is a 4 yr old Ferro X Darwin stallion approved by the NRPS - a young stallion of the highest quality - he'll be there!

David Blake and Catapult

September 26th, 2006

Congratulations David Blake and Catapult -

We are very proud of our friend David Blake who just won the National Young Horse Championship for 6 yr olds along side our friend David Wightman.

David Blake has been and will be training some of our sales horses in the future at his California location in Hidden Valley. He is a fantastic talent as you can see by his big wins with this young gelding "Catapult" that he has trained all the way from the very beginning.

David, Angie and Samantha are celebrating big in it should be!

David Blake and Catapult David Blake

Northwest Dressage horses are winning all over the country.

I will post photos/results soon, but until then....In California - Roadster, Uprising, Reperateur, Valentino (aka Velasquez), Pabatsa for Laura Mollrich- my goodness ladies! Roadster was just named first level champion with his FEI owner/rider Gina Miller this last weekend. In Oregon - Kascadeur and Janice Dill - cleaning up and first level, Ucaro and Dr. Hillary Allen-Kissik -

ODS training level champion with scores in the 70's for both. In Florida and Massachusetts - Upper Class with Lynn Kimball-Davis (by the way Ulla Salzgeber herself gave her stamp of approval on this one!),, In Colorado, Prima Donna and the winning Grand Prix Freestyle competitors Grand Glissando and Meredith Mathers. In Washington state, Leslee Massa and Klapton, Julie Bennett and Prelet, Marguerite George and Revelation..... Cheri Ellstrom and Romeo.

Northwest Dressage is proud of you all. Way to go Ladies.

I will post individual photos soon - they are gorgeous.


Performance Plus Auction 2006

More About Performance Plus Auction 2006.

VIP seating will be provided for guests of Northwest Dressage. That means dinner and wine ! It will be a very fun evening. Let us know if you want to join us and don't forget to check out the photos and video clips on the Performance Plus web site (scroll down to the bottom of my Home page and there it is! )


September 25th, 2006


Okay, the cats are definitely out of the bags! We congratulate both our partners, the Reesinks and the new owners of these incredible horses.

It is confirmed that the sponsors of George Williams have purchased for him the 7 yr old Black Stallion son of Donnerhall x Pik Bube "Donner Bube III". I can't wait to see George aboard this incredible horse. He will be exported to the US soon.......and I am sure under the skill of someone like George Williams....they will be US Team stars heading for the next Olympics.

Edward Gal and T.C. RavelAlso, the sponsors of Steffen Peters have purchased (again through the Reesinks) the Dutch Stallion T.C. Ravel (Contango x Democraat) for Stefan to hopefully make his way to Beijing on. T.C. Ravel was formerly in training with none other than Edward Gal himself and now will be in the magical hands of Steffen.

The Olympics in Beijing does, yes indeed look very promising!

September 21th, 2006


Please scroll down to the bottom of our home page and click on the Performance Plus auction. You will see a lot of very fancy horses. These horses are hand selected by the Reesinks as fantastic prospects for their auction - this is a newer auction in Holland that is drawing a lot of attention. I was there last year and I brought back some incredible young horses - 2 yrs - 5 yrs. There are also older horses in this auction. It's an incredible selection.

We will have several drivers available to drive us around and there are several hotels that I can highly recommend for you. We will pick you up at your hotel and take you to our barn where the horses are - you can see them, ride them and email x-rays to your vet. Our vet will also be on site for clinical exams or we can recommend several other vets in the area if you would like.

This is a very fun auction - we know the horses, we know the grooms, the riders - everyone - it's safe and fun with very high quality horses. Please contact me if you would like further information - I will be sending out catalogues soon!

Best Regards,

Suzanne Hudson

September 19th, 2006

NEWSFLASH - just confirmed by the Reesinks - they have just sold two incredible horses to US team members. If anyone can find the best horses, they can do it - I am proud - Congratulations to everyone - the news will most likely be on all of the dressage "news" sites ! Stay tuned.

Valiance sold

September 18th, 2006

Congratulaions Merryn on your purchase of "Valiance". Merryn made a great choice and she knows it. We are thrilled that he is staying here in our area so we can see him impress the judges at our shows. His new owner is a very good upper level rider and we know she is excited to show him off. Here he is just before stepping on the trailer.

...and here they are getting to know each other before he heads for his new home.

August 14th, 2006

Valentino (aka Velasquez) is winning BIG in California. He just got high score of the show with a 78.9% (!) at DG Bar. That's incredible Christine - you must be a very proud Mom. We are proud. Hopefully I can get a photo up soon.

August 13th, 2006

Remember our very first Palomino? Well here he is schooling at home with his new mom. She is loving him - especially his temperament. I love these photos.

August 2006

Here is Laura at the barn with her gorgeous Caritas son. They have been getting a long so well and "Pabatsa" has been showing this summer with great results!

July 20 , 2006

Remember Revelation? Here he is with his "new" mom Marguerite. "Revie" and Marguerite have been to their first shows together this summer and they are doing very well. I asked if we could show them off here they are. What a beautiful pair.

July 20 , 2006

.....and here is Klapton and Leslee - another former Northwest Dressage horse - he and Leslee are in their second season showing and doing so well......trainer Molly Martin keeps them well tuned!

July 5 , 2006

Hopefully every one had a great 4th of July. Here is our "guest" trainer Carol McArdle doing in hand work with Juan Matute. This is Unique. My 8 yr old Dutch mare.

Give us a call and come see our current line up. We have some very fancy horses in and we would, of course, love to show them to you. We have had a great summer so far and we look forward to the rest!

We are planning for the fall another clinic with Thomas Doleris Larsen and his Fiance Annamette Peterson from Reesink Horses. Stay tuned for dates...and as you know, let us know right away if you want to get in. Thomas was quite a hit last time and we can't wait to have him back.

June 24 , 2006

We have had many Big Sales in the last two months. Congratulations everyone! Terri Wood and trainer Sam Martin - "Zinnia" , Lynda Cushman - "Walk of Fame", Cate Hartenstein - "Veenstras Promise", Sheila Wickford - "Wonder" , Gail Yu - Omar, and our friend in Colorado - "Romanov".....

It has been and continues to be a very busy summer - we like that of course! It has been great fun to meet and work with you all, some of you are return customers and that makes it even more fun. We have several new horses coming in the next month so stay tuned...

May 22, 2006

Live view of "Seattle Hit"

This is a web cam link to see our new colt "Seattle Hit" born on May 13th, 2006 - the same day of our big Expo - His mother is a Rohdiamont x Weltmeyer mare and his pappa is Sandro Hit himself - we thought "Seattle Hit" would be just the perfect name....

You cannot see him if it's dark in Holland, but any other time he is very easy to see - I even saw him bucking in his stall yesterday......

May 16, 2006

Here is little Miss Zinnia - she is going back to Cathi's to spend the summer in the fields. She was a little star and we were proud of her - she made Thomas run way too fast for his liking, but after this, he can ride that trot instead of trying to run with it.....

I know, I know that so many of you want to see photos! - they are coming. We are going to do a "photo story" for the web page and we will get it up as soon as possible with some video clips....

May 15, 2006

Hello Everyone. It is hard to find words to describe how happy we are with our Expo on Saturday. It was an incredible day. We still can't believe it. Our staff was fantastic, our friends were remarkable and so graceful, our horses knew it was time. They were on and they more than rose to the occasion - they were brilliant- they gave us everything they had. Our friends and their horses that participated were the same. We will post photos and videos soon - we are still in the recovery process, but soon we will have a report and photos. Thank you everyone who attended. It was the wildest dream come true.

On the same day our Rohdiamont mare in Holland foaled a beautiful Sandro Hit colt. Her first.

On the same day was the funeral for The Reesink's father.

It was a very emotional day for us all and a day of change. I think we will never be quite the same. Thank you to everyone who attended again. And yes, we have new horses for sale. I will get them up as soon as possible!.

Kindest Regards,

Suzanne Hudson and Roxanne Christenson

May 5, 2006

Hello Everyone, Here is a tentative schedule for the Clinic with Thomas Dolleris Larsen on Saturday May 13th. Beginning at 09:30 am.

9:30-10:00.....Leigh Cochran

10:00-10:30....Siggy Wolff

10:30-11:00....Caitlyn Cushman

11:00-11:30....Hillary Allen

11:30-12:00....Eirn Jorgenson


1:00-1:30.....Caryn Bujnowski

1:30-2:00.....Christina Drake

2:00-2:30.....Terry Phelps

2:30-3:00.....Lindsey Anderson

3:00-3:30.....Beth Glosten

We are almost ready! May 13th is rapidly approaching and we have such an exciting evening planned for you. Catering by Lisa Dupar (Seattles Premier Caterer), Wine Poured by Village Wines of Woodinville, an incredible line up of brand new imports and the best music - over 10 different vendors will be there the entire day . The best part? This is complimentary. It's on us. Come and have fun.


April 24, 2006

"Showing Off" Here is one special little boy.

April 24, 2006
.....And this is Whisper Wind I Hope You Dance . A.K.A. Harley - tell me you have seen anything cuter !

April 24, 2006
......and this is what it's all about. One very happy new owner with a beautiful and very promising puppy. A sad day to let him go, but the best home in the world......Good Luck Little Bandit, you're the greatest. Northwest Dressage

April 20, 2006
As most of you know, we are scrambling to get ready for our big Expo! We are excited and of course, working out the kinks for catering, music, vendors, etc, but more importantly, those incredible new horses we have arriving in the next two weeks. We have several PSG horses coming as well as some very nice third/fourth level amateur horses and of course our big surprise. We are really looking forward to hosting this for many friends. No doubt we are show casing our newest imports but also we are wanting this to be a great deal of fun for everyone. We can't wait.....and thank you all who have called to let us know you are coming, remember to let us know so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone!.

Here is a partial list of horses coming....1. 9 yr old 16.2 Dark Bay PSG gelding by Blue Horse Romancier - a stunning talent of the highest quality. He has an excellent show record and we expect that to continue in the US. 2. 12 yr old Dutch gelding by Phonix. Dark chestnut. 16.2h. PSG. Another fancy one, well trained and again, a great show record in Europe. 3. 16.2h 7yr old gelding by Lancet. Super amateurs horse. Easy temperament and very easy to ride. This one is suitable for any amateur. 4. 5 yr old 16.2h dark bay Danish gelding by Laurentin. This one is high quality, a very pretty and very fancy sweet boy that again will be a great amateurs FEI prospect.5. A 7 yr old 15 hand Palomino gelding (we found ANOTHER one!), we feel too lucky, but we did, we found another one. There are more, but I will fill you in on those at a little later date.

Susan, Katrina, Shanon and (Roxanne and I of course!) are hard at work getting ready for you.

Thanks again to everyone that is helping us out with this expo.You are very much appreciated.

April 13, 2006 - 5:00am
Here is Val, very early in the morning, getting his ride to his new home.....he is such a good boy, we had to wake him up for his early trip, but he was very sweet about it. They have a deadline before the barn closes tonight in his new home so they have to make good time! Christine is a great rider/ trainer and we are so happy that he is in such good hands....we look forward to seeing him winning in California!

Good Luck Val and Christine.

April 13, 2006

.....and he is on his way.

April 1st , 2006
Flaming Heart says good bye to her friends at Northwest Dressage.

April 1st, 2006

.....and here she is. The Princess has been sold. On her way to Gina is this very special lady. "Flame" is truly an International prospect and no one deserves her more. Thank goodness for Cathi Bunker who we can trust to deliver such special horses as this mare and her traveling partner "Rodin". Good Luck Gina, you do deserve this one!

April 1st , 2006
No April Fools here. Carey really DID get this pony for her birthday! Here is little Rodin, and actually he's really a horse at 15 hands. He is getting prepped are ready for his trip to California to meet his new mom and see his new home. What an unusual and delightful gift he is.

March 31st, 2006

Roadster! Remember Roadster - the gorgeous black 4 yr old Rohdiamont son that went to California last year? Guess what - 76% at Training 4 at Ramona Spring Fling show in Ramona CA. That would be high score of the show. Laurie Doyle is his trainer - Gina Miller his owner. Way to go ladies.

March 20th, 2006

Check our horses in Europe page and see the newest addition. This very exciting young gelding is as handsome as they come and he has three great gaits to match. Look at his hind leg...that's for real. He has a fantastic hind leg, a lot of presence and the best attitude. He is fun and easy to ride even at this youthful stage.

Cheri Ellstrom and her new Romeo are certainly enjoying getting to know each other. Romeo is a true gentleman and it is fun to hear all of the nice comments that Cheri is getting from onlookers!

"Passadena" our mare in quarantine is getting great reviews form Penney at Farwood Farms Quarantine. "She is soooo sweet, and she is soooo easy"...things like that and we love to hear it! She is a perfect amateurs mare - easy, steady, safe and fancy. We can't wait to have her home this weekend.

Little "Rodin" the palomino gelding has dropped jaws every where he walks. He's really something. He would be something in any color and the fact that he "happens" to be a palomino is just icing on the cake - the long white forelock, the thick white tail .......unbelievable....

we will keep you posted!

Thanks as always for visiting. Northwest Dressage.

March 20th, 2006
Look, we have eyes! This is little "Flip" at three weeks.

And Little Nicki at 3 weeks.

March 8th, 2006
Here are the two girls. One is completely white except for one black ear. Pick of the litter female is spoken for, but the other one will be available........


March 8th, 2006

Here is a first look at our new litter. Born Feb 24th starting at 1:00 in the afternoon. We have two girls and three boys. They are so beautiful. One has just opened her eyes.....These are Parson Russell Terriers by Ch. Posey Canyon Eyes of Storm out of our little girl Ch. Bowery Bubbles. From her first litter already she has a nationally ranked champion. This breeding produces fantastic temperaments and beautiful little terriers. Call if you know of someone that really understands the breed and still wants one! There is no in between - you love them or you don't, and we want to make sure that all of our puppies are in forever homes. I will post more photos for fun as they grow. What a great spring..........


February 23rd, 2006
News, News, News!! Our three new residents arrived last week and we are having a great time with them. All three have our one main ingredient - temperament. All three are very beautiful and all three are really good movers. Romeo is going to be somebody's doubt - he is a very well trained and competitive schoolmaster. Being beautiful and impressive does nothing to hurt his already great credentials. . Rasani is a "wow" little guy that is really fun to ride and he is fancy and well trained. Being a half brother to Roxanne's "Supermann" doesn't hurt either! He definitely shows "brotherhood". Valiance is a fancy, sweet young prospect that will take someone big places. He is a very comfortable, easy ride and his gaits are really something. They have been sweet and easy to deal with. We are surely proud of them. It has been a very busy week.
The other news........well, right now, my son and I are waiting for "Bubbles" to have her second litter of puppies - we'll put pictures up when they arrive - tonight maybe? Is anyone looking for a very well bred Jack (Parson) Russell Terrier?

January 12th, 2006
Here is Allegro just before heading to his new home. If he's not a Black Beauty, then I don't know who is......all of that and he is a MOVER. He is in great hands we anxiously await his career to unfold. I know one happy lady who is waiting for him to step off that van. Good Luck!


December 20th , 2005
What a fun and busy year it has been for all of us. Without our clients, we have no business, and we are very grateful for your trust in our business and our horses - it has been an outstanding year.

Roxanne's incredible skills as a rider/trainer, Elaina's skills as a rider and her big heart that gives these "temporary kids" the feeling like they really are in a safe place for a while,  Beryls great courage (!) and expertise with our babies, Susan's experience and  wisdom in the care and training of them all and Des who takes care of so many details, and most importantly pampers every horse every day.

We are lucky to have such outstanding credentials working on the behalf of Northwest Dressage and we are lucky to have access to these top  horses that we are able to bring over to the US. It takes so many of us! Our vets, our shoer, our haulers.....all of them our essential, and again, we are grateful.

November 29th, 2005
Here is "Little Prince" a.k.a. Sandro de Brasil getting ready for his snowy trip to Idaho. Fortunately Cathi made it just fine through the blizzard, but they did have to stay over in Idaho for a while - no problem, everyone was celebrating the arrival of the fancy new 2 yr old anyway. Congrats again Suzie - can't wait until you can start working him

November 25th, 2005
Here is Romantica standing out in the pouring rain just before she leaves Seattle to travel to her new home. She was a very good girl - posing for us in the down pour! Good Luck Romantica- you are in very good hands.

November 24th, 2005
Now that's a Happy Thanksgiving! Hillary had Ucaro in training with Roxanne for a month before she took him home - the day before Thanksgiving, she and her wonderful mom came to pick up their new boy - they all looked very happy and I think especially "Henry". What a great Holiday with a fancy new Dutch gelding.....

Home for the Holidays...........
Just in time to spend the Holidays with us, along with those two lovely mares, are three new geldings.

We will have photos/video up soon, but here is an idea.

Lalindo - 12 yr old Dutch gelding. 16.3h. Beautiful, lovely temperament - fantastic gaits. This is a very impressive horse for the serious competitor. Schooling PSG at the moment, and we certainly think GP is in the nearer future. $80K firm

Sandro di Brasil - the youngest that we have. This sweet and beautiful gelding is delightful to be around. He is only two and he has wonderful manners and style to go along with his fancy gaits - he's surely a young diamond.....and yes, with Sandro Hit and Rohdiamont in his blood, how could he not be....$35K firm

Valasquez - 3 1/2 yr old VERY TALL son of Lancet x Bustron. He is very pretty, uphill and forward with three great gaits. Valasquez is well started and easy for a 3 yr old. He's an impressive youngster $60K firm

We will keep you posted. Thanks so much for visiting the web site, and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Legacy looking toward the south.......just about to load and head home.

Here is Legacy all loaded up and ready to roll to his new home in California. Cathi Bunker will see to it that he has the best of care every step of the way. Good luck with your new and fancy dressage horse Shirley.....

The girls are here!
Oh how fun it is to have girls around - fillies that is! The two new mares just arrived on Tuesday from quarantine. They had a great stay with Penney Barreras in White City OR where they had the best of care and now they are home with us and we LOVE them. They are both sweet, sweet girls that love attention and have taken everything in stride. Romantica needs to concentrate on eating for a while - she is way too skinny for me, but she is already looking better - regardless, she went out and impressed us all on her first time working in the US - she is a fancy, fancy girl with three outstanding gaits.

Flaming Heart is a heart stopper. Elastic, stunning and beautiful.

That's the update for now.....we have three new geldings coming next week. One 3 1/2 yr old, one 2 1/2 yr old and one 12 yr old 3rd/4th level gelding.

Happy Halloween
The little goblins of Northwest Dressage wish you a very Happy Halloween! (okay they were forced into the photo, but they do want you to have a Happy Halloween for sure)!

......and here is our newest little mascot. This is "Lilly". She is an imported Australian Terrier.....imported from Holland that is. She is a doll and we thought we would introduce her. She has been in the US about two weeks now and she has certainly been very well loved!

.....and Ramsgate seems to think this place looks fine to travel in - he is coming Sharolyn! This is a kind and very fancy gelding. Best of Luck. Sharolyn and Ramsgate will be in training with Laurie Falvo Doyle in California.

In he goes to his own big box stall with Jerry of Prestige Horse Transport......

Here is Sharolyn (and John's!) beautiful new gelding Ramsgate.......on his way home.......

and there he to the East Coast he is. Jackie is anxiously awaiting his arrival. We're going to be hearing about these two when they hit the arena ! Good Luck sweet Domino.

His last photo op with us here in the Seattle mist.

.....and here is Pabatsa on his way home. Laura is anxiously awaiting his arrival and he is traveling like a pro.

Pabatsa last goodbye to his Seattle crew and he is on his way.....what a sweet horse he is.

Here is Roadster just before he leaves to meet his new mom Gina. "Roadie" is a beautiful boy with a great deal of scope and talent. He will be with Laurie Falvo Doyle for a while until Gina takes over - We know they'll love him like we do.....good luck everyone!

Congratulations so Miss Paige Tracey on the purchase of this very sweet and  beautiful young horse. We hear already that Paige just can't see enough of him - that is great for you both! We wish you many happy days with him as you pursue your dressage goals. Undaunted and Paige will be in training with Brooke Irving.

Two Friends ready for a journey...
Lugano and Soren getting ready for their big trip to California. Both have new moms waiting on the other end of course, and I hear they are going to have box stalls right across the isle from one another! How great. We loaded them on Jerry's rig this morning - side by side - Lugano first and Soren second - they both loaded perfectly and settled right away - they are on the road. Both will be in training with Stacey Wakaki just outside of L.A.

Sandro's Storm on his way home
Here is "Storm" just before he steps on that incredible rig owned by Jerry Melling of Prestige Horse Transport.(That's Jerry there on the left). On the other end, a very anxious new "mom" awaits. Storm made it home in great shape and we were all relieved. (long story really...!) The newest and best chapter in his life is about to unfold - good luck Kim - no doubt this is a star in the making - have a great time with him.

"Rep" heads to Sunny California!
Here is "Rep" a.k.a "Reperateur" just before he loads the van to move a little more south to warmer weather.....what a treat it has been to get to know the Markens. Kara, new owner of "Rep" is a talented rider and she had to find a horse to match! This one does and we will hear big things. It was a big day getting him ready for his trip and he is no doubt, riding in style to Sunny California!

"Rep" heads to Sunny California!
"Rep" just loaded into his big box stall with Cathy Bunker from Silver Bullet Horse Transport.

Martha and "Uprising"
Here is Martha Vaughan and "Uprising", a 4 yr old gelding by Lancet x Argus that we sold early this year. Martha is winning her training level tests in California with style. She and Uprising are in training with David Blake and they are really clicking. What a great team and Congratulations on your success Martha!

Vancouver heads for home
Here is Vancouver just before he is loaded and heading for a much sunnier state. We know there are many good years ahead for this young horse and he has an owner who is thrilled to have  - Nancy, we wish you many great years ahead with this beautiful horse.

Susan and Volontair taking a last walk on the grounds of Bear Creek in Woodinville

Volontair heads for home.
Volontair is heading home. He has found a fabulous new home and he is in the best hands. We can't wait to hear from in in the future. This is a big time horse and his owner knows it. She is handling him in the best way possible. Good luck buddy - you are a grand, grand horse.

Here is is just before he heads for home.

Grand Glissando and Meredith
"Grand Glissando" was 5th in the nation for GP Musical Freestyle just behind the Olympians with Meredith Mathers as his owner and rider!
This black Grand Prix horse that we sold last year is just going great guns ahead. Meredith is a fabulous rider - she trains him herself, and Gordon is just getting better and better. They are making us very proud to say the least, it's a dream come true for us all!

Introducing "Bubbles" and "Pancho Villa"
We thought we would introduce you to our little clowns "Bubbles" and "Pancho Villa". Bubbles is Pancho's mom. They look so darling and so incredibly angelic don't they? But, we all know better and still love them dearly! Here they are letting the world know they are ready to take summer by storm.



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