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About Import Prices:

The US dollar has lost 20 percent of it's value against the Euro in the last 2 years, and experts indicate the downward trend may continue. This change in the value of the US dollar against the Euro has increased the costs of importing horses from Europe.

We see many horses on our frequent buying trips to Holland, and choose the finest horses in several price categories. Our careful selection process keeps the prices of our horses very competitive.

Northwest Dressage continues it's commitment to bringing the highest quality dressage horses to the United States.


Dressage Resources

Official site of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI)
Dressage News, Downloadable FEI Bulletins, Rules and Regulations, Events Calendar and more at:
United States Dressage Federation (USDF)
Calendar, Competitions and Awards, News and more at:
Bear Creek Dressage
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  Currency Conversion
Currency exchange rates calculator at:
Olson's Tack Shop
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Harmonía Body Balance
Pilates exercises for the equestrian, visit them online at
Poulsen Photography
Equine Photography at its finest, visit them online at

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