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Buying a horse from Northwest Dressage

Perhaps because of the recent strengthening of the US dollar against the Euro, there has indeed been an increase of people in the market for a high quality dressage horse. Northwest Dressage has on several occasions had two or three different buyers at one time wanting to see/consider/buy the same horse. We absolutely understand and encourage buyers to take their time and "sleep on it" or see other horses before they make a decision to buy a particular horse. We certainly do not encourage a precipitous decision from a buyer. Obviously this is a very large investment both financially and emotionally and taking your time making that decision is absolutely prudent and warranted.

We do believe that if a buyer does not have the time or chance to actually purchase a horse that they are interested in, it is indeed because there is a better one for them just around the corner! You may feel like you have missed your dream horse, but truly, that fantasy horse is just a little further on down the road. We frequent the Amsterdam airport a lot on our way to search for more, so just hold on, or even better, let us know what you are looking for and we will do our very best to find him! Sometimes, there is a wait, but it is always worth it.

Having said that, if you feel seriously interested in a horse that you see with Northwest Dressage and you don't want to lose it - do come prepared. The fact that the horse is here and for sale today, does not mean that he/she will be here/for sale tomorrow! We will not hold a horse for anyone without a deposit. There have been times when we have held the horse and there are unexpected circumstances for the buyer and they are not able to follow through with their wishes - that is certainly okay, but if we have held a horse for that buyer and missed several other buyers that really wanted to see this horse, then it is not good business for us.

A deposit of 10% of the purchase price AND a scheduled appointment with the veterinarian of your choice within 7 days,  will ensure that we will hold that horse for you until the vet check is complete and you can make your decision based on the findings in the pre-purchase exam. Your deposit will be refunded only if the findings in the pre-purchase exam are not acceptable to your veterinarian.

Which leads us to the Pre Purchase Exam itself!

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